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Coolermaster Masterkeys Lite – Great looking budget mouse + KB combo!


Today I’m checking out a budget keyboard and mouse combo from Coolermaster called the Masterkeys Lite – a product they’ve labeled as having “memchanical” switches. This is a word I’d never seen before, so I was immediately intrigued as to what it could mean when I popped it open in my Unboxing Boxes series. Before we investigate that though, let’s check out how it all looks.

Looks and Functionality

I’ve got to say that for a budget combo, both pieces look pretty good. The keyboard is very simple, with nice vibrant backlighting that’s quite different to what you see in a standard mechanical keyboard. Rather than illuminate each switch, the white plastic backplate is fully lit up for a really even and bright effect.

We’ve got the full RGB rainbow to play with here, and you can quickly toggle through some different effects by using the function key and the f keys across the top of the keyboard. Here you can also adjust the repeat rate too. Behind the Home set of keys you also get a set of media functions to play with, which is a good inclusion also.

The mouse is pretty nice looking. It’s a really standard shape that fits in the hand nicely, and again the RGB lighting is used effectively, lighting up the scroll wheel and a tron-like back light. Both are black all around, quite light weight-wise, and are all plastic.

Let’s take a look at these “memchanical” switches now. It turns out that the switches themselves are 100% membrane, as you’d expect at this price, however Coolermaster have made them compatible with Cherry MX key caps. So, that’s pretty much the end of that story.

The mouse features nice and clicky left and right buttons, plus two back and forward buttons on the left side of the mouse, making it much more suited to right handed users. The surface is all plastic, with no rubber grips or texture on either side.

Underneath there’s an infrared Avago 3050 sensor, as well as three mouse feet for smooth gliding. I found the sensor worked just fine, and it worked all right on surfaces like cloth and my desk too.

I found the mouse fine to use, although it can’t compare in terms of feel to higher end products from Mionix, SteelSeries and Logitech for example. It just kind of feels a little flimsy… I am very used to using very high end products though so switching to this probably makes it more noticeable to me. It wasn’t as noticeable as the switch to the Masterkeys Lite keyboard however.

Feel and sound

It unfortunately doesn’t sound good. And more unfortunately, it doesn’t feel that good either – but hey, it’s a membrane keyboard and I honestly don’t think I’ve used one in years! They just feel mushy and stiff as you’d expect, and they make a really hollow ringing noise when they pop back up… It’s not pleasant. It’s also surprisingly loud. The spacebar was probably the worst though, as you heard in the sound test it’s extremely rattly.

There’s no software accompanying this mouse and keyboard combo – all the functions you need to play around with are on the keyboard’s f keys, and you can toggle through DPI levels by pressing the little button behind the scroll wheel on the mouse.


I feel like now I need to mention the price to put this all in perspective. In the USA, you can grab this combo for just $60, and in Australia you can get it for $80. For this money, it’s a very good looking set of peripherals, but you CAN get a cheap tenkeyless mechanical keyboard for around $40 now, and then there’s plenty of cheap gaming mice you could add.

I can see this Masterkeys Lite Combo being a good Christmas or birthday present for a young gamer especially who’s just starting to get into PC gaming and would love to have a keyboard and mouse that look this cool. For experienced gamers with slightly bigger budgets though, it probably isn’t going to cut the mustard. What do you guys think? Do you know of a better budget combo option? Let me know in the comments.

Matt Knuppel Matt is a tech enthusiast, gym owner, and very part time gamer. In between making tech videos, he can be found watching the UFC, NBA, and AFL, as well as at music festivals and deep down rabbit holes on reddit.


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